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9 reasons for which your payroll is more efficient if outsourced

You probably have 101 reasons to outsource your payroll department, but we give you 9 very good ones to convince you to do it. So, make sure you get out your check list and add on as many things as possible:

  1. Correct and in time reports – Excel tables are no longer your friends and the old database is all the time stuck. You need at least 10 minutes to open and reopen a document and you always add 2 or 3 days to deadlines to make sure you have all the time needed to prepare all the reports. You can forget about all the situations when the system breakes down, does not work or about the errors out of the blue, by outsourcing payroll. Now your only concern should be to receive all the reports requested in the format requested, on the date needed without even sending an email. Just because things need to happen like this.
  2. An entire team just for you – an account manager, a project coordinator, an admin, an accountant, a jurist, all the people you need. How much would it cost you to hire one for each task you may have when you actually need only 1,5% of each or sometimes even less? Outsourcing means a fix cost for each employee within 30 to 50% less than having your own internal department.
  3. Nevertheless … What does it mean for you to have an efficient payroll team? Specialists, juniors, managers, various professional levels and salaries that need to cover all the necessary competencies in an organization. It would be very difficult to hire them all and that is why you go for the easy solution and ask the senior specialist to assume many of the junior tasks, too. But for how long? In a specialized company you not only find the complete team, but they also help you whenever you need it.
  4. Furthermore, the churn rate with the HR department will no longer be your problem and you won’t have to worry that you invest in people and afterwards they leave your company.
  5. Maximum availability! You do not have to think who replaces who during the annual leave or what to do when an employee leaves your organization.
  6. Do you always think about human resources consuming other resources?! If you add salaries, taxes, computers, energy, office rent and utilities … you may find out that they cost more than outsourcing.
  7. Confidentiality! A constant concern! We know how important it is to keep the salaries confidential and we make sure they remain so. It is true we receive a great helping hand from our performant software.
  8. And… as we reached this discussion about the payroll software… You don’t even need it! Use your budget for other investments!
  9. Last, but not least! You can make sure you can ask for stuffs easier and make it come to an end as easy. That is because you are in a commercial agreement and the parties are directly interested to have the projects run smoothly.

If further details are required or you already want us to introduce you to your payroll consultant, give us a call at +4(0)21 318 71 20  or send us an email. We’ll get back to you shortly. 

Payroll cafe

Recruitment, where to?

Talent recruitment is still a topic of maximum interest for the organizations that strive to boost their creativity both to consolidate their employer brand and to identify of new channels to identify suitable candidates. Here are some of the directions the employers will particularly focus on this year:

  1. Development of internship programs for the Z generation.
  2. Talent competition becomes number 1 challenge among employers, especially for IT positions or for exotic languages speakers.
  3. More and more roles shall be assumed by the Y generation.
  4. Background screening – the popularity of this instrument shall increase in 2015, confirming the selections of the recruiters in the recruitment process.
  5. Social Media presence is a must do, both in recruitment and in employer branding.
  6. Smartphones shall be more and more used by candidates in job search.
  7. Employers shall be more and more interested in collaborating with freelancers.

Eugenia Dabu
Recruitment Manager


"Little Ants Stories"

Efficiency, Flexibility, Creativity, Result and Improvement Oriented - these are some of the things we demand from our team.

We want them to be the best, to be involved in the activity they conduct, to give 150% in everything they do, we constantly push them to go beyond their limits, to get out of their comfort zone, to challenge their creativity and dare to constantly come up with ideas.

But how much do we actually know them? How well do we know what motivates them and which are their expectations? How can we convince them to be part of the team for a longer time? How can we determine them to perfectly match their objectives with the company’s objectives?

Not rare are the cases when very good professionals go to your competition just because their expectations are not met. No one is irreplaceable, it is true, but on the other hand, we all know that unity is accomplished in time; the experiences lived together, common values, recognition and role assumption are important parts of the team’s spirit.

By finding out expectations you can create motivation, by offering motivation you can genereate positive and proactive behavior, which can for sure offer you the satisfaction of success.

There are people who give their best when working alone, there are creative people and people who bring ideas to life, people who, through their pragmatism, outline and transpose ideas into reality; there are people who, through their charisma can become  the true engine of the team and people who through their professionalism assure its success.

To be able to build a team is part of your success in business; That would be “to put the right people in the right place”

Let’s imagine the teams just like a giant puzzle – a single piece  put in the wrong place destroys the whole picture; but how wonderful and balanced the picture is when every little piece is in the right place.

Little Ants Stories actually aims at bringing the right people into the right place, is a personalized team building concept designed according to the team’s peculiarities and the company’s objectives.

The purpose of the project is to build together successful teams which bring the organization long term benefits.


  • To obtain DETAILED INFORMATION regarding the team and its connecting binders, the motivation on which the activity of every member is grounded;
  • SUPPORT in the optimization of the team’s structure;
  • CONTINUITY in evaluating the implementation of the best methods for the growth of the team’s performance.

EVALUATION – the evaluation of the individual profile & team’s evaluation.
The motivation level of the members of the team and the compensation system expected by the members of the team (settling a correct relation between performance and the expected award)

PREPARATION – preparing the team building activities.
The team building activities shall be especially designed by a team of psychologists so that they respond to the exact development and improvement needs of team’s cohesion, needs resulting from the previous stage.

ACCOMPLISHMENT – the organization and the accomplishment of team building activities. The team building activities.

CONCLUSIONS – Drafting the conclusions and the interpretation of the final results; drafting the recommendations for the improvement of the group dynamics.

MONITORING – monitoring of the results obtained for a period of 6 months.

If all these triggered your attention and you want to implement this program, just contact us!

Dana Ilie
Lugera Travel Director


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